Efficient, productive, and
needs-based solutions

ADA Software offers a software development service with the aim of giving every customer great value for money. This can be either in terms of time saved, better customer loyalty, or increased customer lifetime value.

The best practices. The highest-quality results

ADA applies the principle of agile development to its business operations. We also adhere to the best practices of the lean startup methodology.

Test-Driven Development Method The functionality of new code is tested simultaneously with the development of each new function, with no disruptions to existing features.

Behaviour-Driven Development Method The intended functionality of implemented cases is tested. This method is completely transparent to the customer.

Principle of Continuous Deployment This ensures that the system is always functional and ready to be published as each subsection is completed.

Smooth and comprehensive collaboration

Smooth co-operation is one of the key values of ADA’s business operations. We always react to our customers’ needs quickly, efficiently and reliably. If required, we can be involved in the customer’s entire software development process, from needs mapping to implementation and adaptations. It is important for us to get to know every customer’s special requirements. This enables us to continue offering the best solution models for each customer.

A needs-based operating environment

ADA always listens to its customers’ needs and offers them only the kind of solutions that serve their needs the best. We provide high-quality browser-based solutions and native applications. In addition, we combine interfaces and take care of integrations with various devices and systems. We also build infrastructures and deal with system configurations both on cloud-based services and customers’ own server platforms.